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You might be asking, what is an ARC? ARC stands for Advance Review Copy. An ARC reviewer receives a free copy of a book for an honest review (preferably on Amazon, but any of the retailers work). You can sign up for my ARC team by filling out the form below (please read the guidelines). If you are interested in reviewing my book, I will be glad to provide you with my debut novel, free of charge.



I will send you a free ebook *currently only sending digital arcs*, you read it, write a review and then post the review when the book goes live. Simple as that. 




  • Honest reviews: I want your honest review. My story is a young adult fantasy, with winged horses, battle, and a touch of romance. If you find that my book style is not for you, no problem, please just let me know to remove you from my ARC Team. 

  • The Review: Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble require a tagline or headline for the review, a star rating, and at least 20 words. * No Spoilers please!* As a reminder, a 5-star rating is the highest, which means that you enjoyed the book. 1 star is the lowest rating, which means you disliked the book.

  • Deadline: Please post your review on Amazon within 10 days from when the book becomes available to the public. Please note you may review on Goodreads before the book goes live, just please remember to also post it on Amazon once it’s published. Once your review has posted online (Amazon, Goodreads, and B&N), send the link(s) to your review to ( I will remove reviewers who don’t post their review on Amazon within the required time frame or if the reviewer does not comply with the stated rules.  

  • Where to Post Your Reviews: Please post your review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble. If you have an iBooks, Google Play, or Kobo account, your review on those sites would also be greatly appreciated. If you'd like to review my book on your blog, please send a link to that as well.

  • Legal Stuff — FTC Disclosure: Reviewers who receive free books are required by the FTC to disclose at the end of their reviews:  "I received this ARC book for free from the author which had no influence on this review. I was under no obligation to provide a review."

  • Advance Notice: I’ll let you know in plenty of time, at least (1) week prior, that I’ll be sending out the Advance Review Copy.  **I understand that life gets busy. If you know that you will be unable to post your review within the required time frame, please contact  ( before the book is sent. You are also able to opt-out at any time. Just email ( with your request.

  • Copyright Agreement: I understand that any ARCs received are copyrighted materials that belong to the author. Any reproduction, pirating or plagiarism of the author's work is grounds for legal action. This is a binding contract.


That's all. If you are still interested and ready to join and start reading, simply fill out this form.



*Please note: ARC sign up for A LIGHT IN THE SKY is currently open. At this time I will be selecting a limited amount of reviewers.



I am truly grateful for your support. And I look forward to hearing from you.



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